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Assessments are necessary to provide an accurate report of exactly what work is needed to be done to your bells. If your bells produce unwanted sounds such as thuds, buzzes, clicks, etc., your clappers "stick", your bells have not been serviced in the past 3-5 years or never at all, or they just aren't sounding like they did when you bought them, your bells may need work. Our assessments are done by Tom Secor. We offer exclusive 'Onsite Assessments' which can be scheduled to your convenience.

Onsite Assessment - $300.00*

In-house Assessment (our facility)- $150.00

Your service includes the assessment of:

 Handle, assembly screw, handle lockwasher, handguard disc

 yoke, axle, studs, washers, shaft,

 bumpers, nuts and screws, clapper stem, lockwashers, clappers,

clapper screw, bell casting, clapper assembly

All bells are checked to make sure they are at the correct pitch and timbre and also to make sure they are not cracked.

*Onsite assessment subject to fuel charge on per-case basis

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