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Handbell Care

It is important to take care of your handbells to keep them in top musical & mechanical condition to preserve the castings and other parts.

Fingerprints and hand marks due to body salts and acids, will quickly etch the castings finish and permanently damage the castings. 

Schedule Annual Maintenance and follow recommended care of your handbells to keep them in top condition


  Recommended Care to keep your Handbells in top condition

Store Handbells in constant room temperature, away from humidity which can damage castings.

Clean off handbell castings after use with the cleaning cloth & wipe off with the polishing cloth.

 Advise Handbell or Music Director of mechanical or audible changes to the handbell.

Be certain to wipe off the red rouge from the castings & bell parts.

Dry wipe inside of the casting with a lint-free cloth.  

Do NOT use rouge inside the castings!

DO NOT wash your polishing cloths that has rouge on it!

Don't forget to Budget & Schedule early for

Annual Maintenance or Restoration !


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