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Maintenance & Other Services

In order to keep your bells in excellent playing condition, maintenance should be scheduled annually. This is particularly important even after a restoration. A&T Bells, Inc., also offers basic services such as voicing, polishing & adjusting - regulating & voicing

A & T Bells, Inc. provides an Annual Maintenance Program

Annual Maintenance Includes:
Disassembly of Handbells
Detailed Inspection
Replace Parts As Needed
Reassemble   Handbells, Adjust Clapper and Spring Tension and Voice Handbells
Annual Maintenance Pricing:
Serviced at the A & T Bells, Inc. facility or at your site*   $135.00 per octave 
Other Basic Service Pricing:
Voice Only      $ 45.00 per octave
Polishing Only   $150.00 per octave  
Adjust, Regulate, and Voice   $125.00 per octave

A & T Bells, Inc. Guarantees Satisfaction & Personalized Service!

Ship or deliver to us one week in advance of scheduled maintenance. Pick Up and delivery is $ 80.00 per octave. 

* Additional travel charges may be assessed at $ .555 cents per mile over 300, round trip. 

Additional charges may be added if payment is not made upon completion date.

Prices are subject to change

Ring us up at 1-678-423-9494  or toll free 1-877-420-9494


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