Owned and Operated by Tom Secor

Established 2000

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 Handbell Restoration, Repair, Accessories and other Basic Services

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Basic Service

Clean, Polish, Replace, Adjust, Regulate & Voice

Replacement Stop Nuts

Lock Washers

Bumpers & Washers

Other Parts As Needed

Handbell Castings Hand Washed Machine and/or Hand Polished
Handbells Re-assembled with Clapper & Spring Tension Adjustment


"Fine-tune" inner mechanisms
Cases 'Complimentary' Church Name Tags Attached on Each Case Vacuum & Polish Cases

$250.00 per octave

Thru the 4th octave

Deduct $100.00 if polishing not desired

$265.00  per octave

for the 5th and 6th octaves

Deduct $100.00 if polishing not desired

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