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Let us provide you personalized sales service.  We can supply your church with quality gowns, stoles, robes, and paraments made with the finest fabrics to suit your church choir and ensemble needs.

We offer FREE onsite assistance! 

We will do your measuring and communicate directly with the factory.  We'll ensure your measurements are correct.

Murphy Cap and Gown, Custom and Qwick Ship®

Choose from our Qwick-Ship® Collection of choir robes and stoles, available for the next shipping day after receipt of the order and receive the fastest service in the industry.

Choir Apparel * ReadyRobes® * ReadyParaments® * Confirmation Gowns * Academic Apparel * Class Rentals * Clergy Robes * Custom Judicial Robes - ALL FOR THE SAME PRICE

Need assistance? Just ask us. We are your dealer and specialist. We can help you design, show you actual robes and fabric samples, plus assist you in measuring for you new choir robes. We also do style shows for your church choir at no charge.

We will handle the paperwork and follow everything through the manufacturing process, making thing effortless for you.

Call Tom Secor, Apparel Specialist

Murphy Robes for information & pricing

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or toll free 1-877-420-9494



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